Every one of the escorts/models on the site pages utilized are genuine. Their photographs are later and unique. At the point when the young lady is transforming, we make new photographs of her to show you. You can put stock in us, we fulfill several outside customers and additionally nearby vip customers.


Our terms and conditions are as per the following:

1. All escorts and customers subscribing to this site are proclaiming that they are beyond 18 years old years or over.

2. On the off chance that the site requires any overhauls and/or specialized issues settling then there might be periods when the administration is disconnected. Colaba Escorts will attempt every single sensible push to guarantee these periods are kept to a base.

3. Colaba Escorts works legitimately and professionally to give a contact administration to publicize and advance escort data and points of interest to customers who scan the site for subtle elements.

4. Escort contact phone numbers will be approved every once in a while and any off base numbers highlighted erased from the database.

5. This site is just accessible to escorts and customers for the honest to goodness Foreign/Local courteous fellows as it were. Colaba Escorts works as a portable network access site inside which escorts are furnished with a record territory.

6. It is the obligation of the escort to enter all information into this record region which will then be shown to potential customers. Colaba Escorts will use every single sensible strategy to advance this site for its customers however does not under any conditions suggest or ensure the levels of business that will be accomplished, since this relies on upon various factors including those that are the obligation of the escort and consequently outside our ability to control.

7. All appointments require a store, yet for appointments no longer than 24hrs. We will take your oath. Store may be required for long haul booking.

8. Our Service Rates are completely comprehensive and don't contain any concealed charge (unless unique service).The cost on each profiles given in US Dollar (US$).

Installment ought to be made with CASH as it were. We don't acknowledge Bank-Check or Credit Card installment.

9. Our escort expenses are to be dealt with before the occasion, please hand straightforwardly to the facilitator/establishment. In case of meeting, contingent upon the affirmation, an unlocked envelope is favored and ought to be set prudently on the table. Your thought is valued.

10. If it's not too much trouble take note of that we do charge a standard cancelation expenses 1000 Taka contribution to the vehicle expenses and time squandered paid by The Angel. Whatever other cancelations please give us a substantial purpose behind the cancelation. Disappointments to agree will bring about your name and your email being prohibited and boycotted by Colaba Escort Services.

11. The Company claims a boundless authority to close records for any undesirable conduct from either customers or escorts or for inability to settle any installments due. Should you have any inquiry with respect to this webpage or the terms and conditions then please get in touch with us utilizing our web benefit.

12. Colaba Escorts holds the privilege to roll out minor improvements to these Terms and Conditions without earlier cautioning.

13. These Terms and Conditions are taking effect right now to all clients of this site.

14. All escorts are working on an autonomous premise with Colaba Escorts.

15. By entering this site it is considered that you have perused, completely comprehended and consented to these terms and conditions and that you are 18 years or over.

16. Anybody utilizing this administration is therefore conceded the privilege to utilize contact subtle elements in the Colaba Escorts database for their very own utilization, in regard of reaching escorts with the end goal of authentic escort work. Utilization of our database with the end goal of mass mailing, poaching, spamming or some other reason that is not contact for a private individual booking is entirely precluded. Anybody abusing this condition is thus consenting to pay a charge of BDT 2000 for every contact made.

17. Any cash traded in legitimate grown-up individual administrations is basically for time and fraternity whatever else that happens involves individual decision between at least two consenting grown-ups of lawful age. Anything suggested or gathered inside these pages is not to be taken as instigation for installment for something besides time and fellowship.